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On behalf of the jury of the 9th annual Social Impact Media Awards, we are thrilled to inform you that Manrique has won the SIMA 2021 Humanitas Award in the Impact Video Category!

Director: Luis Barreto
Producer: Luis Barreto, Durley Montoya
15 min | Colombia

Yoiner Machado – The founder of a dance academy in Manrique, teacher and professional in dance as well as creator of methodologies for the coexistence and peace-building through dance. For 13 years he has been dedicated to the transformation of communities and has impacted 1,500 lives. He empowers young people and adults so that each one is capable of creating his or her life project in favor of the community. His motto that spreads throughout the world is: “we are a family”.

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Serie Líderes de la Conservación

En compañía de WWF Colombia Recorrimos las diferentes geografías de Colombia en busca de historias de aquellos que día a día trabajan junto con comunidades y funcionarios por la conservación de los Parques Nacionales Naturales.

Como resultado capturamos las experiencias exitosas de las comunidades y funcionarios que creen en el diálogo como el camino para conservar las áreas protegidas. Así surgió la serie Líderes de la conservación:

Winner of Best Short Documentary at KLEFF Eco Film Festival 2018

I love this film! It is a stunning documentary that tackles the important issues about climate change and features young people talking with other young people about their concerns. This film really resonates with me, because I am an avid supporter of protecting the environment, especially our oceans. The primarily focuses of the film is on rising sea levels due to climate change caused by pollution, carbon emissions and nuclear waste. The film excels at educating its target audience. Most of the spokespersons are young adults whose islands are going to disappear at the end of this century. It is extremely powerful to hear firsthand from these islanders as they tell stories about their beloved islands. Their pleas to governments and countries worldwide to stop polluting and using nuclear technology is especially touching. It really opened my eyes to how bad our environment has become. Some of these adolescents will not have a home in the future. That really points out how dire the situation is. Although the film can be a bit depressing, I love focus on spreading awareness about climate change. It is crucial for Millennials, because they have the power to change the outcome of our planet. Young adults will enjoy seeing their peers traveling around the world and speaking out. I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18.

Reviewed by Chandler D. and Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Jurors


Filmed and directed by Luis Barreto

Aquí versión en Español

Reel / 2022

Instagram: @LuisBarretoPhotos

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